Day 10: Detour in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe view from the Cross of the Martyrs Hill

When traveling between my parents’ home and my place in the outskirts of Colorado, I like to make detours. On my way back to Colorado, I decided to take the longer route and stop in Santa Fe which I didn’t realize is an artistic haven. I don’t know how it is for other travelers, but personally Santa Fe was one of those best kept secrets! There is so much to do and unfortunately I only had half a day to enjoy it’s treasures. Here’s what I did on a budget and a tight schedule:

First, restaurants. Although I wanted to try new food places I had to limit it to a ten- dollars-or-less situation, because of all the Chik-fil-a stops I made in Texas. Fortunately, Santa Fe is good about making sure the food is affordable and delicious. The night we arrived my brother and I went to Jambo Cafe, an African Carribean fusion restaurant that was featured on the Food Network Channel. I had the the jerk chicken sandwhich with sweet potatoe and cumin fries. Also there was this sauce that brought the food to another level. Boy was it good!

The next day for lunch I stopped by Bumble Bee’s Baja Grill, a casual eatery known for it’s burritoes, tacos, and chicken. They have a wide variety of choices including vegan, dairy-free, and vegetarian options. Just for fun I added vegan chicken to my burrito and my only regret as I finished my meal was that there’s is not one closer to were I live. I would go there everyday!

Yes, there was no pictures of said food because I was hungry and I ordered to-go. I wasn’t about to fix my food up when my stomach was on a mission! Moving on. . .

Canyon Road – The limited budget also applied to exploring, so my brother and I skipped the musuems’ admission fees and went down Canyon Road, famous for it’s art galleries. The reviews didn’t lie. Replace retail stores with art galleries and you have a hub of tantalizing eye candy! We walked around for about two hours and hit 10 galleries out of the 60+ galleries the road boasts. Name an art form and the road probably has it. Some of the themes we hit were Magical realism, Russian art, Hopi tribe dolls/art, Americana, statues depicting a playground scene, miniture statues with hidden compartments, and more art styles I’ve forgotten since sophmore college art class.

We even had the opportunity to see an artist working on his sculpting. Nevermind that we were tourists roaming his shop. He said hello and told us if we had any questions to let him know before going back to work! I could go on about the conversations my brother and I had with the gallery owners, but it’d be best if you experienced it for yourself. There was a tour bus, but I think the best way to enjoy the art is to walk at your own leisurely place (It can substitute as a workout in the summer.

Part of the life sized playground sculputures. Most places did not allow you to take pictures, which I understand. This is just a taste of the outside art!

Plus, the weather was great for mid-July and some places offered water bottles! And there is a couple spas in the area). Trust me we were tired and rushing to hit as many places as we could and we still learned and experienced so much!

Didn’t get a chance to talk to the gallery owner of this scuplture, but yes. It is a giant game of scissors-paper-rock. Well, at least I think so. 🙂

In conclusion, I want to go back! I missed out on the Meow Wolf musuem, an immersive art musuem which so far is only exclusive to Sante Fe. Also, George R.R. Martin (author of Game of Thrones) resides and owns a little theater in the city. There’s so much more to see and do, but until next time!

P.S. Took a two week break from the blog because of travel and well maybe a bit of sheer laziness was involved. A blog about the 14er I climbed is pending . . .