the voice of a girl standing in a whirlwind

So I have entered the world of the bloggers. We will see how this little venture goes. In the real word, I am a somebody lost in a crowd of other somebodies. The only reason someone might notice me is because I might be breaking the ever changing fashion rules of society, but besides that I keep a pretty low profile. I don’t talk much, and when I do it is nothing profound, because profound for me takes thinking (at least a good ten minutes of silent reflection will do). I usually like to say stuff that starts with my name (like amazing and awesome over and again) because well. . . that’s a topic for another day.

Anyway I started this blog to talk about the 21st century world from a Christian 20 something year old viewpoint. Ok, that might stop some people right there, but I am not a holier than thou or a go to church than go out and party deal either. I must say I am seeker (not the fantasy kind either), a girl whose has questions and who truly wants to do the right thing. Sometimes I feel like a person standing in a whirl wind of ideas, beliefs–all screaming for my attention, and I’m like… “Eeenie meenie, minie. . . okay you!” Today’s world is a scary place. Don’t get me wrong, it was a scary place in the past, but I think because of all the technology and what-not it has gotten scarier. Nobody truly knows what is gonna happen. Forget aliens. Even books and movies today show a world that is caved in on itself or been overtaken by zombies.

So that is what my blog is about–my frank nobody view of the world and media of course! Somebody has gotta do it (actually somebody probably has)! Let the games begin!

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