Dystopia women

As any of my friends know, I am a fan of Hunger Games. After two late nights of reading the first Hunger Games book, a fire was ignited in me for more of this world. That was two years ago and now I must say I am firm dystopia fan. I have read Uglies, Divergent, Variant, Legend, Match, 5th Wave, and just recently Enclave. Since I graduated, I can risk reading a whole series in a week. If i choose. I read both books in the Enclave series amongst the whirlwind of an event like my uncle’s wedding. It was nice by the way in case any of ya’ll were wondering. Ennlave is about a girl, Deuce (yea that is her name), who lives underground and the book begins when she is initiated as a warrior at age fifteen, but you can read this is any online summary. The series has a cool twist with Deuce and her friends fighting zombie/mutant like creatures in a future destroyed earth. What I really like about this series is that the book explores the pros and cons of different government systems. Plus the series focuses on the conflict between the humans and Freaks/Eaters/whatever you want to call them. After finishing the second book ( and realizing that all my series finales come out in November. Eeek! I am going to die!) I had a discussion with my brother about how cool it was. Actually we talked about about why I find these books so fascinating.

Number one reason – Okay I was born wanting to do the stuff my brother did. FOR THE LONGEST time I wanted to play football and be the first woman football player in the NFL. As a kid I had particular fascination with women who broke the barrier in any part of a male dominated world. I LOVED READING ABOUT WOMEN WHO DISGUISED THEMESLEVES TO GO to war or did anything they weren’t expected to do ( shout out to Nellie Bly and Susan Anthony)! Okay my favorite Disney princess is Mulan if that is any further indication. So I guess it is no surprise that I am eating up these end of the world books with main characters that are mostly girls, ordinary, underdogs, that are given the tasks of saving humanity. Enough damsel in distress! Give me a girl who fights for her loves ones! I am not the only one crazy about this rise of women heroes. I think with the growing number of single mothers and single women working and taking care of their loves ones its only a matter time before books reflect these social changes. Despite my opinions on this growing occurrence, I think women heroes in literature is a great. Besides the characters mostly cheesy, questionable romantic relationships the heroines really display strength, resourcefulness, kindness, and a zeal to do whats right and protect their love ones. It makes me want to pick up a bow and shoot anybody who challenges my little sister! Another thing. Heroines also have a certain soft vulnerable side that makes the books appealing for all readers readers especially girls who don’t really read action books but they still have enough grit for a macho guy friend of mine to read without being embarrassed.
I have other reasons why I truly enjoy these books but I will save them for another day when my aunt is not coming to visit and I am scrambling to get ready somewhat!

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