Teaching Like a Rookie

Since I last wrote, times have been a little crazy. In fact, I might have to change the title to my blog all together. It will have to be along the along the lines of being a newbie teacher. I got hired and I am on my sixth week of school. I cannot even fathom words to describe how I feel about it. It is not that I am speechless. It is just that I have million words, and I would bore anyone writing them all. Plus, it depends on time of day and what day for that matter. Sometimes I feel so thankful and happy that I am teacher, and than other times I am like why did they hire me? Especially when it is sixth period and I am teaching the same lesson for the sixth time with only a twenty minute break in between. My head feels like I slammed it into the board a few times. Billy Joe is asking the same question for the twentieth time, but wait no. . . I only think that because several other Billy Joes from other classes ask the same question. My mouth is dry and I have lost all patience for messing around, explaining, and making sure the rules are followed. My students are probably like “What have we gotten ourselves into?” I have no answers for them because I am not entirely sure either. Thankfully by the time I am on edge of a tear fest, the last class is over and I have almost two hours to plan. I start thinking “Hey, that didn’t go so bad. They learned something.” Then I look at their scores, and my head starts vibrating again. I start thinking do I really like children and no wonder that fat king and his henchman threw all the children in an underground jail in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It makes perfect sense now.

In all seriousness though, I think 70 percent of their failure is my fault or then again I might be a little to hard on myself. I can never tell which. I guess God only knows. Anyway I hope every child in my classroom learns at least something. Hopefully. It is week six. 

Anyway to keep my sanity together I have compiled a list of the positives. As a new year teacher, you have to. So here I am practicing what I preach.

1. I saw a beetle as big as my hand with long twitching tentacles in the hall and NOT in my classroom. The students did not need to see their dear teacher quivering in fear. I HATE bugs.

2. One of my classes improved their behavior today. Hopefully it is on the up and up.

3. I spent most of Sunday making lesson plans and so I am not lost (only five hours of sleep because I spent to most of the day staring at scan-trons and organizers was worth it). I am now going to crack the mystery of having an organized classroom which has been a cold case since school started. 

4. Last but not least, I am glad I am single, so I have more time to focus on what needs to be done. Sometimes I do wish I had a boyfriend or spouse though. They could help grade papers.

With that thought I leave you.

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