Gravity, Grades, and Other Good things

Where do I start? I had the honors of being the bearer of first semester grades, which I kind of botched the process. Who knew grades had their own little system of ways? Apparently they do, which started a chain reaction of. . . Okay I will move on to my attempt to explain data to my students. Despite the fact I failed high school algebra, bombed SAT math,cried and prayed through college algebra, and finally squeaked through my education tests, by picking my favorite letters and scoring almost perfectly on the ELA sections to make up for slack, it would not be too hard to teach something such as percentages and bar graphs. Right? Um, Let’s just say I felt so bad after that I went home and gorged and finally it took watching Forrest Gump to settle me. Surely, if God could use someone like Forrest Gump to influence people he could use me. It was a good movies and I cried and I usually don’t cry for movies. It was good to watch someone beat and conquer the odds, especially if their down and out individuals. Sandra’s Bullock’s character wasn’t exactly your average Jane Doe (I mean astronaut. You never ain’t) but she looses her kid and she is floating in space with a bunch of flying crap that could kill her at any minute. My friends and I agreed we would have given up after our 4th escape from death, but she just kept chugging and chugging. Finally, finally, the movies ends with her standing on a random beach looking up at the sky, her arms spread out. All she needed was a sword and cape. Sumari woman! My friend wondered if the next scene included her getting attacked by wild animals. Hmm? Not the point. It was a good movie though that sucked you in with the character’s external and internal struggles. That is why I loved Forrest Gump so much. Humanity is raw, a daily battle of making choices good or bad. Preserving. Shall I go on? I could preach right now, but I digress. 

I opened a fortune cookie today and it said that I will have good business exchanges or something. My students all get hundreds on their next test!</p
P.S- As I look back this blog is one huge ramble. I will try to do better next time.

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