Check your Thinking – A Frozen Monday Review of 2014 (hardly)

Catching Fire, Frozen, Robocop, and The Lego Movie. The problem is where to start. The Oscars were last night, but I opted out to watch Amazing Race (Sandra Bullock didn’t win for Gravity, and I watched the most interesting development- Ellen passing out pizza to celebrities-on Youtube.) I must say Frozen was pretty amazing because I saw it in theaters three times. It is only fitting, because Texas has witnessed a spell of bonafide winter. I am currently sitting in the comfort of my cozy apartment on a late Monday morning instead of teaching my fourth class of the day. Let me tell you BEST MONDAY of 2014 so far. Since Christmas break, it has been non-stop prep for testing. Predictably, I have been a little weary of teaching my little angels. Plus this weekend, I went to a women’s conference (more on that later) this weekend. It was great, but Sunday I was praying for a thick layer of ice to grace those streets (now that I think about it that is horrible because some people still have to go to work). My slightly selfish prayer was answered, but the streets are fine today. Still no teaching for me. I finally get to catch up on blogging.

Unfortunately, I am not going to be doing a movie review of Frozen (That will be a discussion of it’s own). I went to a women’s conference with speakers Jennifer Rothschild and Stormie Omartian (wrote the Power of Prayer series). It was amazing, and great for my soul. The topic centered around “what we believe/think shapes our identity and actions.” I drew more pictures than notes, but I remember key phrases:

Gideon was valiant because He was God’s and God had a great plan for him.

“Be valiant sisters!”

“Change me, not them Lord!”

“Do not let your scars and mistakes be your identity.”

I needed to hear that. Just recently, I realized that one of my biggest flaws, sins, are my thoughts. When I was little, my folks use to say a wandering mind was the devil’s workshop. Since I have always been a bit a dreamer, I discarded this piece of advice. I have always loved to connect, create, analyze people and the world around me, and then transform that to words on paper. It’s pure fun. Yet, there are some places we should never go in our mind, but I did and still do. Before I went to the conference, I had been reading Jennifer Rothschild book, and it said to keep track of my thoughts. I was horrified, when I discovered that even when I knew I was thinking badly, I didn’t want to switch that thinking. My negative thinking has become like my tattered, faded Bobs that I still wear, holes and all. Yet, my thoughts, are so damaging to me. I am a introvert, which is OKAY, but I took that label and believed all the negative about that label. “I am a introvert therefore I am a boring person to be around” is just a mild example, but it became one of those thoughts that lead to a point where I really hated myself. Man, I can only imagine what God thought during those times. His handiwork trying to rip apart what He had created. I know I will always struggle with my self deprecating thoughts which has a little to do with my desire to please, but here’s a truth: God is always mending and molding. Like Omartian said, “We want our little ones to let go of our hands and learn to walk on their own, but God always wants us to hold His hand.”

The book I am currently reading by Jennifer Rothschild is Me, Myself, and Lies, a Bible study workbook format, but she has written other books, which I highly recommend.

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