It’s Frozen Time (and Spring Break!)

Spring Break was five sweet days of AMAZINGNESS. Honestly, I think since spring break is so short and there are hardly any breaks before or after that break, I experience a spring slump. It’s like trudging through the desert and stopping at a beautiful oasis and then realizing you have to continue. Okay, I am probably exaggerating a bit, but spring break was literally a high.

First high, my three favorite movies came out Gravity, Catching Fire, and Frozen! Last blog I mentioned that I would comment on the movies that I have watched, but I must say I feel like those movies have been talked, and talked, and talked about. Frozen for example is still the heat of discussion from controversial agendas (Seriously? Some people go too far in analyzing), articles about a shortage of Frozen toys and the long lines to see impersonators of Anna and Elsa (Some parents really love their kids), and the songs are selling like hotcakes (Plus one song won is now a winner). It seems like Frozen is proving that “movies do influence us” argument. Thankfully, Frozen has been all for the good, unless we spent all our money buying Frozen stamped goodies.

I don’t know if this is embarrassing to admit, but it has influenced me. On our family vacation last week, every time I was locked out of the hotel room, I would knock and couldn’t resist saying “Do you want to build a snowman?” (This was only when no other hotel guests where around of course). I also listened to the Frozen soundtrack ONCE on the ten hour drive through the flat parts of Texas. The only time I think a Frozen reference escaped my mind was on the 7 plus mile hike in the Franklin Mts. in New Mexico. Once I reached the top with my brothers and sister, we took a few pictures and left. Unlike Elsa the cold did bother us, and we didn’t have any ice powers to build a castle anyway, so we hurried down as quickly as possible. Oh, and there were only rocks, dirt, and wind. No water particles, but it did have an amazing view, and when I was a hundred meters from the top the “Chariots of Fire” song danced through my head. I felt like a champion without an ice castle.

That was a high for me. Climbing the mountain with my family. Now it is back to work. Next week Divergent is coming out and I have a half marathon to run. Meanwhile, I encourage everyone to watch Frozen at least once. It has the right message about true love, a damsel in distress, a cute snowman, humor, guys, strong girl characters, and a very shocking un-Disney like twist. Movies can influence us, so why not choose a good one? If you watch Frozen, I guarantee randomly knocking on doors and asking “Do you want to build a snowman?” Just get it out of your system. It’s trending right now. 😉 Image

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