Any Given Sunday, Exercise (for 25 Minutes)!

This morning I was inspired to sleep late. For some this is no inspiration. Sleeping comes as natural as breathing. Unfortunately, I am one of those souls who wakes up early for the weakest of reasons. Maybe the birds are chirping. It is too hot or too cold. The dog next door is barking. I dreamed about an amazing story I could write. I dreamed about Monday. Whatever the case, I wake up and get up. This Sunday I was inspired to sleep. Saturday I spent half the day at professional development, exercised, traveled to Ulta for some concealer, and than took an impromptu trip to downtown Ft. Worth to see friends. Navigating downtown Ft. Worth during an art festival late at night was the last motivator for a sleep in. I peeked at my alarm at 8:30 and thought I will get up in thirty minutes and maybe go to church. At 9:30 I thought the same thing. It was ten somethingish when I finally decided maybe I work out. Maybe. Usually I am one of those totally crazy motivated people who loves the feeling of a good workout, but today I had excuses.

1. My bed felt really good today.

2. I was tired. I kind of dragged myself through yesterday’s workout.

3. It was raining outside and there went my idea of running. Rain and running equals me not running in it.

4. The treadmill in the apartment complex was broken and I canceled my short lived, barely used gym membership.

5. I did not want to do an Insanity workout that included me using my noodle like arms to do any version of a push up. I was soo tired.

It was almost twelve before I convinced myself that I could do something: T25 Speed 2.0, a Shaun T. workout that is done in 25 minutes. What could be so hard about it? No arms involved. I was used to the cruelty of Insanity and Insanity Asylum. Plus, Shaun T. would probably incorporate breaks. Comprise never sounded sweeter.

I pushed play and I was shocked to find that there was no introduction. No explaining. Just instant movements which I fumbled over because it was fast (apparently this is my first time doing this). I did some more moves. Than I had to do the same ones twice more. Now it was time for a break, right? Apparently, since I mastered the first set successfully I was introduced to another set of moves I had to do three times. By the time I completed that set thrice, my goal was to just focus on completing. I hope that there is a recovery time, but all I get is a crummy ten second jog and then it is start from the TOP! Thankfully, I barely complete it, and next thing I know Shaun T. is saying some type of version of great job. The clock is at zero. Twenty-five minutes and I was dripping in sweat. So much for easy.

I took a five minute break and decide I would try Cardio Core. I quit with 8 minutes left. One T25 was sufficient.

Lesson Learned:

1. I should probably have pre-screened the workout.

2. No version of Shaun T’s work outs seem to be easy. There are easier ones, but they are not easy. Now since I was cocky I skipped the first level of T25 workouts and went to the second level called Beta. I didn’t even settle for the modifier moves, which would have sufficed. Pride really can hurt.

3. T25 is a great quick workout that only last 25 minutes (plus there is a two minute cool down). I was skeptical of the whole 25 minute brag, but it is a true claim. It was a HARD 25 minutes of workout. Not a second wasted on stretching or standing around and sipping water.

4. I will definitely be doing more T25 workouts. Possibly reviewing them. Even when I am in one of my I-seriously-do-NOT-feel-like working out moods and I still need too, I can merely start a T25. It’s short, (the same amount time of a TV comedy, take your pick), and it burns calories. Short + Sweat = Successful Workout with enough time to focus on (lounging around included) the rest of day and eat heartily (for me it was a 100% beef burger and some kale chips for lunch).

Now what I really need to focus on is eating healthy. I am not crazy about it. Every day, I think about Oreos and chocolate cookies at least once. When I go to Kroger, I eyeball the Digiorno pizzas for at least two minutes and then I go back and drool some more after I pick up my container of salad. If only eating healthy, was as exciting as discovering a new workout. Maybe one Sunday it will be.

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