When God is Not Dead

God is not Dead. Four words that made a movie. I had not planned on seeing it. I had the judge-the movie-by-it’s-title-and-genre down to a science. But then, my mom came along by expressing interest. So of course I revoked my initial stance, in favor of some family movie theater time. I finished off a medium popcorn (with my brother) just as the trailers were ending and a bright eyed, all white smiles couple skipped toward the registrations table on the first day of college. I gathered the last dregs of popcorn into my mouth and wondered some ungodly thoughts on an obvisiouly godly young couple. The movie had begun and I wished for more popcorn.

Over and hour half later, the credits rolled and I thought God is not dead. Thank you. I did some mental applause (because nobody else clapped out loud). Wow. “God is not dead. He’s surely alive and he’s living on the inside. Roaring like a lion. . .” are the beginning lyrics to a song that speaks a powerful truth. God is not Dead. Sooo what are we going to do, now that we know? What am I going to do about it? Simple question. Simple Truth. Because God is alive we have purpose, meaning, hope. The main character had that belief, faith, and he used it to take a solitary stance against a philosophically smart Goliath. He believed God was not Dead and lived within him, and so he took action that lead to others believing God was not Dead. They than took up the action either by accepting faith or taking their own personal stance. Seriously, the classroom debates were amazingly intense and in the final one I had to whisper a little “Boom! Now that’s how you do it!” A God victory for sure!

Inspired is how I left the theater. I felt encouraged and I felt so very thankful that I had a purpose for living and for dying. On occasion I struggle with some crazy, deep, black considerations; I can only imagine what it would feel like to not have that faith in God or hope. I imagine a car that always has to be filled continuously. If not, it sputters and dies out, until someone or something happens along to fill it, again and again (Just voicing a little side frustration at my frequent gas station visits. I feel like that guy in that TV ad. . . Ok another time) Religion and Christianity have been accused of being a crutch by some, but I believe what exist around us are the crutches. Trust me. I know from chasing various aversions and still wanting. God, Jesus, has been the only consistency in my life. He is more than just an amusement, or a crutch. He is . . . well simply put someone who saved me from my own darkness. He is the good in me, the light that moves me forward. I could keep going and ramble myself away. So I am just going to stop preaching and say I am glad God is Not Dead.

P.S. – Despite some partially cheesy and apparent appeal-to-the-emotion action, it was a great thought provoking film for anyone. It makes a statement that backs up its title.

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