The Wayback and Learning Hangul (Korean)

The first thought of mine was the Wayback machine. Very random, I know. But after seeing the Mr. Peabody and Sherman trailer at least 35 times (not on purpose, mind you), of course it is the first image that pops into my mind when I think of going back in time. . .
Now a Wayback machine is just another fancy word for a time machine that can fly you back to moments where you can change events or just watch for ole times sake. I am very nostalgic person, so I would think I would use it a lot, but I don’t really dwell on changing my past. I am all for the learning from my mistakes and moving forward. Well, for the most part.
Right now I am trying to live by the quote I had my students muse over for a warm up activity.


Unfortunately, I can totally see that there only five days of school left. My emails, teachers, students, tv, the radio, clothes, and the weather are reminding that summer is here and it is about time hang up the teaching hat. Time right now is like watching a snail ease his way across pavement. You can see every muscle, every wiggle, every strain, every tentacle wave. . . and then you get grossed out by all the slime moving slowly that you leave (if you’re insect freakout like me). I rather time be moving like cars on a race track. Blurry. Zippy. Unfortunately, since I am being reminded hourly, daily of school’s departure and I tend to be slightly impatient for the next big event, I have not been taking advantage of every moment or looking for present opportunities. It wouldn’t be the first.

This week God gave me a little shake that said “Hello, look around you. Everything the light touches . . .” Okay he didn’t say the last sentence, but I had a moment. As I grow older (Wow. I am really saying a lot more), I have been having a lot more of those moments. I told you that I do not really have a lot of “I wish I had done this differently.” Then today one of my students came after school just to talk. She was really fascinated with idea that I had lived in South Korea. “So do you know how to speak Korean?” (or Hangul) I told her I knew like five words (thank you, hello, good morning/good evening).
“You should have learned Korean, since you lived there,” she said helpfully. After twenty minutes talking about the language and the characters, I started to wonder why I never tried to learn more. Back then, I was sixteen. When I first arrived, I took a beginner’s class with my family. After the first couple of lessons, I decided it was too hard and boring. Most of the students in the class were adults and little kids. I think the “I am too cool to be doing this with my family” kicked in. I can’t remember, but after class my Korean lessons ended. I took Spanish in high school because it meant an easy A. I thought people would laugh if I tried to speak Korean, so I didn’t.

Fast forward to present day. I am grinning widely as I recognize some of the Hangul characters my student draws on the board. She writes “sit” in English and Hangul characters. Why didn’t I learn more Korean? I could totally be an extra cool teacher knowing how to spew forth some Korean. I guess one of those opportunities I need to be looking at right now is some language lessons. Hmmm. . .

Some one would be lying if they said they didn’t want a big REDO button. I am pretty sure that Godzilla wished he hadn’t been napping when those other monsters were growing up. It would have saved him a lot of energy and initial bad publicity (Maybe he purposely waited because he wanted to be the hero! It probably doesn’t matter, because there would be no garangtun Godzilla to gawk at in theaters. So I bring it to you. What is some phase of time you wish you had the Wayback machine for? Is it for watching that second season of Heroes instead of working or completing other productive projects? I understand your pain. Today, instead of thinking today is another slow motion replay, let’s look around for some real action, like taking some Hangul lessons.

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