The Cost of My Procrastination and the BIG Pro of Teaching

Hello world.

It’s been a while. Mainly because I’ve been enjoying this teaching job. I go to bed late. Get up late. Watch too many movies and tv shows. Browse for books on my Kindle. Read the first few chapters and decide I don’t want to buy the book. Think about going to Barnes and Nobles. First, I examine all the cons of going.

First Con. I think of all the orange cones and road block signs I’ve seen lately.

Second Con. I think about sweating as I step outside (When I actually listen to the weather, the reporter said this is the hottest it has been in like a century. He says it like we should proud that we get to be living in such record heat. If I was the reporter, I would be recommending staying inside at all cost or taking a trip down to Alaska.).

Naw. The obstacles are greater than the benefits. So I eat a bunch of pizza, chicken strips, and cookies. By then it’s eight o’clock, and I think “My day has been productive!”

Did I say I love teaching? Of course, I do.

Yet, in all honesty though, I have been working on my memoir about my childhood, my faith, and home schooling. The BIG QUESTION is HOW DID IT INFLUENCE/SHAPE ME? Actually the big question should probably be Will I ever finish it? Who will read it? It is too soon to even answer that question. I am taking a memoir class to motivate me in this endeavor. Yesterday, I think I was a little too ambitious. I forgot that a piece of my writing was due and so I just submitted the first chapter of my memoir, which I was still editing and looking over. The other students submitted these one page excerpts and mine was like five. Oops, I guess? How did I ever graduate college with a decent GPA? If they didn’t know before, they now know: I am the youngster of the class. One lady said while my work was humorous and entertaining, it was very stream of conscious, emotional, and uh needed a little editing.

Moral of this Week? Get a planner and stop procrastinating. Unfortunately, I say that EVERY SINGLE YEAR and EVERY SINGLE YEAR I lose the planner in the first week. So I type reminders on my phone. If it is not on my phone or memorized into my cranium– Good luck to me. This summer I am going to think of ways to stay organized and on top of boring need to do activities–like paying bills on time (which reminds me…).

Apparently, I need some help. If anybody has suggestions for how to keep a schedule on these things, I would pay them with. . .

A VERY AWESOME THANK YOU for saving my life (and money).

Now this whole blog was suppose to be a review on the new 24 series with Jack Bauer. I wonder if Jack has problems with scheduling his beat-up-bad-guy meets. Maybe he can give me a few pointers on how to kick procrastination in the face!

Meanwhile, I am going to keep writing and sleeping. Next time, maybe I will talk about the new 24: Live Another Day series.


4 thoughts on “The Cost of My Procrastination and the BIG Pro of Teaching

  1. You can pay me that very awesome thank you for saving your life (and money) haha!! I went to a self-management course last night and I wrote it all up on my blog including materials and exercises. Have a look! It already changed my entire way of thinking and I can relax a lot more now. I’m a soon-to-be teacher (still hat Uni but almost done). I know I only took that course last night, but now I can’t imagine living my life any other way. Have a look!

    1. Great blog! I am probably going to use some of this for next year teaching. I feel like I could have done a lot better if I was more organized. Maybe I need to take a management class like this. By the way, I just want to say you picked the right major. Never a boring day, and the summers. . . well you saw my blog. πŸ˜‰

  2. Yeah I’m absolutely loving it! It’s difficult to love when you’ve got exams, but it will be worth it in the future πŸ˜› I have used the inbox system for 2 days now and wow, I feel so worry free lol. Especially as a teacher, there is always some parent you have to e-mail or some student that is asking a question. It’s really going to help. Hope it does it for you too! πŸ™‚

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