Thoughts from a Marathon Wannabe on Beginning Training

I love running right now (besides the fact that I can occasionally splurge on the cheesecake and cookies). Goals always ignite me and this marathon (I am hoping to do in December) is definitely sparking excitement over this running business again.

Running meme that I most identify with!

I know I am excited because in the chances I have had to introduce myself to people and answer that “Share something interesting about yourself” question, I answer with “Well let’s see. . . Oh I am training for a marathon. I mean it’s no big deal.” Inside though I am like “Oh my gosh people! This is something I have always wanted to do! Running is awesome!!! Like running a marathon is a dream of mine, I can’t wait!”

I even purchased a few more running shirts that were possibly not necessary.

I bought a mini-water bottle that straps to your hand. I found it so fascinating that when I went up to the counter to pay for it, the lady had to remind me to pay.

Yet, I think the biggest deal of all is that I am running in the summer heat. Usually, if a bead of sweat breaks out on my forehead as soon I walk out the door, I am immediately discouraged from doing the simplest activity—like walking to the car.

Here I am though. I can not believe I am saying this, but I am excited about running ten miles Saturday and eleven miles next Saturday in the heat. I will probably want to change shirts half way through and collapse after I am done with every run, but hey . . .

Goals ignite me and give me the energy to move forward. I hope this fire keeps burning around the time I have to run 15 miles for training. Right now it’s the beginning, and I am like a kid with a new toy.

I even considered, putting some running inspiration in my classroom . . .

Poor 6th graders. They don’t know what’s coming. Even I am not sure, what my future holds. Completing 26.3 miles or doing wheelies in a wheel chair?

Maybe I shouldn’t think that far. For now I am enjoying this passion and it makes me think of my other supposed passions—like my faith. Why am I ready to announce my running goals with perfect strangers, but hesitate to share the most important relationship in my life? In other’s lives?


Maybe I will think about it as I run my miles this week. Or maybe I should just share my faith like I share my running moments.

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