Blogging in Six Words?

Blogging in six words? To me it is a legitimate question. Someone has probably mastered the skill. I should because . . .

Recently, I haven’t done much writing. The little writing I have done has been devoted to the creation and evolvement of lesson plans. Even when I sit down to the task of writing, I find myself lost in thoughts on things I need to get done. I do have random urges to write at 1:00 in the morning, but usually I decide sleep is more important and hope whatever I felt like writing can come to me the next day . . .

In most cases, four days later I have forgotten and consumed too much television for my own good. This Sunday while grading papers and checking NFL football scores, I got hooked on a reality show about women fighters (this is what happens when I fail to turn the television off) and a week later I find myself watching the next episode. I am not sure what fascinates me more–the fact that these women like to beat each other up for fun or that these women have a wide asset of skills I wish I had. I do secretly aspire to be an Angelina Jolie character, especially Mrs. Smith or that Tomb Raider chick.

Any way, I hope to write more or find a way to write. Right now all I can think of are one liners and phrases. There is such a thing as six word stories. I learned about them in a random teacher training I went to. . . and I just realized that this is a great warm up idea for my sixth grade classroom!

You see. My focus is very off. Every thought and everything I see makes me think of how it could possibly be used for a lesson point. So here I am. The focus of this blog was to discuss the common relation between Blacklist, Arrow, and Gotham, my three (well Gotham will be) favorite shows currently. Apparently, today is not the day. Instead I will write two six sentence stories.

 On the commonality of the shows mention above:

Fallen humans. Traumatized. Conflicted heroes born.

On my state currently: Sunday, teacher watching TV. Monday. Crazy-loco.

Now that I think of it, these could be lines for movies. I rest my case.

I bet there are better six word stories out there. If you have a six word story share it with me!

Like I said, I might be sharing some six word stories with my students. My hope is that my students become inference masters, when I have them break apart these stories. It is my dream. . . well, besides being a woman MMA fighter.



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