The Five Dos for Summer Leisure (even if you are working)

Summer is upon us. As I write these words, I have had a hard time coming to grips with that reality. Wasn’t it just recently when I reflected on 2014? But here we are. Five months of 2015 are over and done with.

It has definitely been a jam packed five months. Marriages, births, March snow days, graduations, testing, and of course the Great Texas Rain which has finally (hopefully) stopped. My joy over two whole days without rainstorms prompted me to break my sweatpants fashion and go for the dress attire. The sun was out, so why not?Image result for summer

I am definitely excited for summer. I hope you are too, because whether you are working or in the midst of vacation here are a few things I highly recommend you do during your spare time. They are all easily accessible with wifi. . . okay number 4 maybe a little tricky if you are on an airplane or live in the juggle. Hey, you never know.

1. Binge Watch Daredevil on Netflix. Daredevil is Image result for daredevila blind vigilante with super enhanced senses and a faith that keeps him in check. He is one cool dude and his fight scenes alone are a good enough reason to watch this show. They are gritty, intense, raw, and full of that kung fu artistry. I also love this show because of the character stories. As viewers, we get to see the hero and villain’s humanity, goodness, darkness, and the choices that make them who they are. The story centers around a few basic questions: What authority or compass should be used to justify our actions? God? our own heart? humanity? What makes a good person or an evil person? Thirteen episodes. Make the right choice.

2. Movie Watch McFarland, USA. Okay, I may be a little bias, but EVERYONE needs to see this film about the McFarland cross-country team (For a full review checkout my review Running with Mcfarland). I just recently saw it again with my family and one of my brothers said, “It needs to be nominated for something.” My thoughts exactly.

3. Listen To . . . Relevant Podcast. You may have heard of the magazine or read an article written by the Relevant writers, but have you heard of their podcast? They are like a Pandora music playlist. If you have ever wondered about a topic, they probably covered it. Conversation covers anything from crazy neighbors, ins and outs of beards, the hottest entertainment and current issues. The podcasters can be a hot mess sometimes, but just when you think you can’t laugh any harder, they pull you back with a Christian perspective on business, world crisis, cultural conflicts, and influences. It is a crazy brilliant show, which I would recommend to anyone.

4. Consume Smoothies. Cold treats are a must, especially if you live in a state like Texas where the daily temperature is always a guaranteed Image result for smoothie memetriple digit number. Most of the populace go for the ice cream, but I say expand your world by consuming some smoothies. They are healthier and just as crave worthy, if they are created with the right ingredients. An advantage owned by the smoothie is the fact that you can put just about anything in the mix and it will still taste delicious. No, offense ice cream. Go on Pinterest and then create your own smoothie masterpiece or go to a juice bar/shop near you. Jamba Juice is a go-to choice (especially if they have discounts) for me. I like their Orange Carrot Karma Smoothie and Peanut Butter Mood Smoothie. Pure happiness guaranteed!

5. Read a book. I am always reading tweets, Facebook statues or questionable news articles. Yet, it is good to just read a book. Thankfully, book variety and accessibility are non-issues. I find it hard to suggest one book in particular. Although I will tell you that I will be reading All Groan Up: Searching for Self, Faith, and a Freaking Job by Paul Agone. It is a millennial memoir advice piece, so if you are interested in examining the coming-of-age millennial soul . . . enjoy.


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