Ice Cream, Handmotions, and Love: The Boston Trip Account

Sometimes you just have to buy an ice cream cone. To the general public this might seem like an obvious reality, but for health reasons I had sworn off ice cream and I wasn’t really into the dairy free substitutes. Then Boston happened. On my third night in the city, I bought a dairy free pineapple coconut ice cream in a waffle cone. What happened next I can’t even explain. Maybe I had a deep secreted craving for ice cream, buried under all the pizza and cookie cravings, but with that first lick I knew I was having a special moment. Some people believe that their happy place exist with unicorns and rainbows, but mine is tasting a treat that convinces me that somebody cared enough to create something for me to enjoy.

My Boston trip wasn’t all about my ice cream experience. I devoured many extremely delicious meals in Boston including home cooked breakfast food, macaroni cheese, pesto penne, pizza, and other eatables. But Boston wasn’t just about eating either. I was there with a team of other church members to help a local church with Vacation Bible School (VBS). I was ready and eager to serve. Then, well. . .

_20150801_170404 (1)
Boston. – from the view of my kayak

Life happens. Of course, life is always happening. But sometimes there are unexpected events that slow you down like a speed bump or a hill. I am not good at surprises, especially if they don’t involve trips to Australia (One of my few dream destinations), celebrations, movie trailers, or food. I took the unexpected events as a chance to worry and eventually convince myself that I might be a useless person. I would love to say that I didn’t fall for the lies, but here it is. I did. Yet, the Boston trip was not about my mental pity party.

Thankfully, all stories are about God, and in Boston He was the Creator, Lover, and Comforter. As mentioned before, He allowed me to eat well (no McDs for me). I was also honored to work with some amazing people who ministered with 100% enthusiasm and dedication. I worked with a large group of five and six year olds, and the leader was one of those examples of Spirit lead energy. He retold Bible stories with activities that held our group’s attention; led the charge in bringing to life various animals; and he danced, sang, and hand motioned harder than even our kids. I was very impressed.

However, God had more to show me. He knew my negative thoughts and He set out to focus me back on the fact all His work is wonderful and purposefully created. I had a couple of folks tell me how grateful they were that our team came from Texas to volunteer at their church. They told me how everyone played a key role in making VBS a success. At the closing ceremony to VBS, I sat with a lady whose son participated in the preteen group. Even though I did not work with her son directly she still said, “I want to thank you for coming and helping our church. It means so much to me and the community.” We both ended up misty eyed for different reasons, probably.

I could never have imagined the details of the Boston trip, but did I need too? I got in touch with my ice cream love side and I witnessed the passionate growth of a church and community. Ultimately though, I was reminded that God is always revealing his love to me and others in countless ways.

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