The Mystery of My Vibrating Car (or I could have just googled the issue)

For a while, I thought my car was going to shake itself to death. Every week the shaking/shivering of my car intensified. It was at the point where a white knuckled grip of the steering wheel was vital with speeds above 30. If I left coins in the cup holder, the coins would clink so loudly they almost drowned out radio music. This happened for weeks, months, through road trips and quick trips. My mom ever the wise the mother, suggested I have the issued checked. We thought it was the engine or something else under the hood, but for all my worry I did nothing. Other repairs were made. My brakes were fixed and the faulty air bag replaced. Eventually it became a minor annoyance, an average inconvenience. I gripped the wheel tighter and did my best to ignore the car’s shakiness.

Finally one day, my brother and I heard a unique obnoxious screech near the front of my car. I was driving by a construction site so we shrugged it off as nothing. A few minutes later at the gas station, a kind Texan lady walked up to me and gave me the most terrifying word combo ever.

“Excuse me, but I just wanted to let you know YOUR TIRE IS FLAT.” She points at my front tire which did indeed look visibly deflated.

“OH,” I never truly thought about what I would do or say if I discovered a flat tire on my car. I always prayed the possibility would never present itself.

“Oh wow. Thank you for letting me know,” I managed to say as I tried to process the sight before me. The lady must have read my blank-shocked-confused-marveled look and helpfully pointed out the air pump. I let my brother put air in the tire, as I finally cracked open my driver’s manual seeking info on flat tires. Besides some in depth pictures of wheels and some vague directions on getting tires checked, I learned nothing. I hoped filling it with air erased the flat matter, for a while.

A week later, I was back at a gas station scrutinizing the same tire that was sagging on the ground again. “Maybe, I should go to a tire shop.” My brother agreed. The shaking had now become a full fledge rumbling, vibrating session. We rumble to Discount Tires without incident. The repairman checked my tires and said “Ma’am you need new tires.”

As I look back on the whole incident, I think about how I could have ended so many problems if I had just asked a professional early on. Maybe I could have saved money on brake repairs. Maybe I would have been less stressed driving to new places. My car doesn’t purr, but it is close to that smooth ride existence today.

Thankfully, nothing serious happened because of my ignorance and failure to ask experts. A last minute check, saved the day. My car is Iron Man once again. It is the Unstoppable Red Civic.

Yet, as I drive my rattle free car around, I still wonder. Do I approach other life issues the way I tackled my bad tires? Do I call problematic issues, little things that are easily ignored? Do I fail to seek out the experts because I am afraid to know the truth or admit I might be wrong? Do I wait until the crisis is at emergency levels before I run for help?

As I get back into the ebb and flow of work, I am praying that I will learn to ask other knowledgeable people for help, instead of relying entirely myself.

Meanwhile, today I told a friend that I could feel every bump in the road while driving. “Looks like you need new shocks,” he said.

Well, okay then. Everything is always a work in progress.


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