Muddy rain runs and the art of not falling

This week was probably the fastest, most amazing Thanksgiving week I experienced in my twenties. I didn’t think about any sort of teacherish thingy until today. I forgot about work for five days. Thank you, Jesus. I had time to  think about other things. 

Here is a thought. It just might be the end of times, since except for the hot days of summer, all it ever does is rain in Texas (at least the DFW part). We have had rain at least 3 days every single week since October. The only reason I know this is because the really bad rain days fell on Saturdays when my running group was supposed to happily run for miles at a time.

The rain has been no joke. Scratch mild drizzling. It is heavy, stormy kind of rain that floods rivers and streets. Our fourth or fifth canceled/postponed run happened today due to cold temperatures and rain.

However, I did run today, because I figured it was about time I got serious about the Houston Marathon coming up in January.

About two minutes in, I wanted to run back to my car. The cold didn’t bother me, and it wasn’t raining. I made sure of that. It is common knowledge to friends and family that rain and I don’t mix. Rather my braids/hair don’t mix with rain. It never fails to amuse me how many people are confounded that I will wear a shower cap or grocer bag just to protect my hair from becoming a fizz mess. Curly hair probs. You don’t want to know!

Anyhow, today was just short of miserable because of the previous rain. My usual running route is in a nearby park. I knew water puddles would be epic today, but today they went to an all new level. Gigantic tree branches blocked off parts of the path and the only way to avoid high jumping the trees was to run in the middle of newly formed mud ponds.

However, the most interesting part of the whole run was the bridges. Two bridges had been overrun by water and the other two were on the brink of that state. Of course, all I could think about as I crossed the bridges was the great possibility that the bridge would collapse and I would drown in some lame man made water form. To make matters worse, I figured nobody would find my body until the next day because my brother is the only one who knew I was running and would only begin to worry about me at midnight or when he realized he had no one to take him to work.

I decided I didn’t want to die by neighborhood floods, so I ran a disjointed route around the neighborhood which proved multiple reruns by the same streets or houses. I saw a few mutual girl runners, but they looked more impressive with leggings, cute ear muffs, and warm little jackets. They were also bold as they didn’t hesitate at the foot deep puddles or the waterlogged bridges. Come on! I tried to meet the puddles with the same boldness, but overthought the whole process and ended up tiptoeing through all the puddles, because once I hesitated I would start to slide and flail my arms. Naw, I am going to walk.

With the whole stop walk process, it took me about two hours to run 11 miles. At this point, I gave up. I decided 11 could equal 12 because of the obstacles I faced. This also indicates how much of a not-serious runner I am. If I don’t meet my mileage, oh well. It ain’t spilled milk. “I will get up and run the other mile tomorrow.”

 One bright spot was listening to the 90 minute Relevant Podcast which always makes me smile at the weirdest times, usually when I am passing a couple and their dog or several cars are passing me.

Also, I enjoyed looking at the aftermath of the storms. It looked like a giant toddler had picked up chunks of ground and twisted/smeared dirt, grass, and branches into bizarre paint formations. I wish I had taken pictures, but I was afraid that if I stopped for more than thirty seconds I would never run again. So in place of a picture I will leave you with this meme that summarizes my run completely. Happy holidays to all!Image result for running quotes




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