Life is Better than a Movie – Musings from a Wise Mom

     Recently, I have been reading the memoirs by the people who made “it” in life. I just finished Unashamed by Lecrae, The Only Pirate at the Party by Lindsey Stirling and I am currently working on Eat & Run by Scott Jurek. What I think is interesting about these celebrities are the background stories. On the surface, it seems like every day is a fabulous party and luck of the draw. In their books, they reveal that their is much more to the story–faith, hardships, love. As I often do, it made me think about my life. Is every thing I do that important? My mom must have read my mind, because she sent me an email about this very topic! Here is what she said.
Life . . .  is it a “good movie” . . . or is it something better?
      All the scenes that include misspoken words, forgotten lines, trips and falls, faulty props are not edited out of life.  In a good movie they are.   Stunt men or doubles take over when something dangerous is about to happen or the scene is life-threatening.  In a good movie, the director yells, “Stunt!”  The leading man or woman pauses and someone else takes his/her place and all is well.  Life does not quite happen like that.  We get hurt and it doesn’t feel good.  In a good movie, fights are well choreographed with words, sounds, and actions practiced over and again.  Not so much in life, unless it’s the same argument, over the same topic, same two people, and no resolution.  That’s not what I would call a rehearsal . . . I call it hurt!!!  I call it divisive.  It’s life.
     A good movie has individuals who are carefully selected for the roles.  Often the actors get to read the script to determine if this is something that they would like to do.  Does that sound like life?  If it is I did not get that memo!  Talented and gifted strangers come together and skillfully execute a well written script.  Words fly at just the right spot; tears flow at just the right time; wounds occur and heal in just the right way.  At the end of the scene, makeup artists, costume and set designers come in, fix everything up, and prepare for the next scene.  Actors finish.  It’s done.  If only life was that way!  
    It makes you wonder then if movies are good. Is all that is portrayed good?  In terms of a movie what makes it good?  Is it its ability to take well-controlled snapshots, of well-controlled scenes, with well-trained actors saying well-controlled words for me to see and believe that is life?  Is that good?
Or is life better? 
     Each person’s life is different from that of another individual’s whether lived in solitude or in conjunction with others.  Not one knows all the words and actions he or she will say or do.  Their mistakes, failures, hurts, disappointments are not edited out.  They are felt and experienced.  There are celebrations, met needs, laughter, dancing!  They too are real and experienced.  No staging, no script, no actors.  All people, all the scenes, all the words, all packaged into life.
     So who’s watching?  Not a sparrow falls to the ground without Someone knowing.  Someone knew all the days of my life before any of them came to be.  Someone knew all my words before I spoke them.  Someone takes all the tears and puts them in a bottle.  Someone is masterfully weaving all the scenes together for good.  HE is ever-present.  HE loves me.  HE holds me.  Someone is the One and Only . . . HE is JESUS.
      So, what do you believe?  Is life a good movie? If it’s a good movie, then how?  If it’s better then why?  If it’s a good movie has everyone seen yours?  Are there rave reviews about the “bonus features” that didn’t make the final cut?  Was there not anyone available to work them all together for good?  Hum, does it not sound better to have Someone big enough, strong enough, sovereign enough to work all for good? Life . . . not a movie.  It’s better.  It’s good with Someone . . . JESUS!

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