2016 to 2017: A Rey of Hope

One of my favorite parts of Force Awaken is the introduction of the female heroine, Rey. When we first meet Rey, she is scavenging plane parts for a meager amount of food. She spends most of her days scavenging and then going back to her dwelling where she marks of another day in this existence. One would think that Rey would be a little cranky, bitter about this lifestyle. The marks on the wall tell us she has been waiting for something or someone for years. She could have packed up and escaped her tasteless situation long ago!

However, Rey is far from skeptical of her future. Instead, as she sits outside her living quarters, she puts on an old pilot’s helmet and looks out past the endless dunes of sand into the horizon. Waiting. During one of her moments of dune gazing, we witness her rescue a robot and the next day refuse a large amount of food to keep the same robot safe from potential destruction. Ultimately, Rey’s decision to wait and share a little kindness set her on an important path that might never have been.

As I reflected on 2016, I couldn’t help think of Rey and that scene. It reminds me so much of what hope means (and since I just watched Rogue One I am obsessed in all things Star Wars). At the beginning of 2016, I aspired to have an attitude of hope. Hope that no matter what craziness happened that Jesus was with me and in control.

Personally, as far as years go, things happened, but I feel like I came out blessed. A new (okay it was used) car for an excellent price came after I wrecked my old car. I learned that health is truly something to be grateful for after spending most of spring moving from virus to virus until it became bronchitis. I spent the summer attending a Bible study on facing fears which lead to a little soul searching and prepared me for the big move to Colorado.

With my brother along for the ride, I headed into the mountains of Colorado and started teaching 5th grade for the first time (Maybe by the end of the school year my dread for math will turn to fondness). Most of my fall weekends I had the opportunity to hike up the most gorgeous mountains I have ever seen. I met some awesome new friends. Yes, I feel like God has been there every step of the way and I am continuing to develop a positive attitude of who I am as a person.

Now 2017 is here, and can I say that I do not feel prepared? I have no earthly clue what resolutions I should set. Save money? Be consistent? Watch less Netflix and write more? I feel like I should be praying for courage and strength. Maybe reading verses like Philippians 4:13 which states, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

In a few days, the USA will have a new president and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned about the future of our country. As 2016 proved, life is unpredictable, as well as cruel and wonderful. I noticed that placing my hope in Christ resulted in more moments of peace even when events weren’t exactly going the way I wanted. So maybe hope will continue to be the word I carry into 2017.
The reason I love Rey so much is that despite the fact that there is good chance that someone may never come back her faith is unflappable. Also, when her little act of kindness sends her into an adventure of potential peril, she continues to exhibit a bright attitude in her circumstances and a sort of quiet courage. I have even more of a reason to be hopeful and courageous. I have the everlasting power and love of Christ on my side! My prayer this year is that I would have the courage to stand by my faith and continue to have a positive attitude about ALL things! On that note, I will leave you with some notable hashtags. 

#Allwaysforward #2016wastooshort #StarwarsVIII2017

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