Writing Excuses and Novel Attempts by the Beginner Writer

What should I say? I took a four month hiatus because . . . I have no reasonable excuses. Hiking, watching an overdose of television, traveling, visiting family, state testing, laziness and other run-of-the-mill excuses cross my mind. In all seriousness, I actually started writing a novel or (because the word sounds so daunting to me) a really long story.

I modeled an assignment for my students and then I just kept adding on to that model. Now I have 30,000 words of questionable material. I have never had the guts to write 30,000 words and even typing this feels like I am jinxing the whole project. My goal is to write 40,000 and then maybe I will add on an additional 5,000. Writer’s Digest says this is good enough for a Young Adult novel and I hope the experts are right. Maybe writing this post will hold me accountable to my goal, motivate or shame me into writing.

Yes, I realize have a lot to learn, if I want to get serious about publishing a novel. But before this endeavor, it was a thousand to ten thousand word starts and then fear and then a fizzling as I lost interest in my story or realized how ridiculous it sounded.

Oddly, the sizzled hasn’t really faded on this project, even though I have been working on the story on and off since December. It started as a trickle and now I am writing at a stream rate. I truly don’t know how writers write 50,000 words in a month. Do they not sleep? Or do their brains crank out ideas and words at a faster speed than I? I assume it is the third idea. Yes, I have examined the strategies and plans used to conquer 50,000 in 30 days, but to actually accomplish such feat is a Human Wonder.

In any regards, the amateur me is reading James Bell Scott books about plot and highly considering the ideas of dissecting books and scheduling writing exercise times. It is a huge step for me, a notorious pants-er (I can stare at outlines for days and walk away with only a feeling of frustration). I think I am maturing, very well (It’s about time). If I reach the 40,000 mark, I will celebrate by buying a decent grammar book (According to Scott, I shouldn’t be attempting any hardcore editing until I am done with my first draft. Easier reading, than doing.) Next, I will use said book to edit and revise the crap out of my work. And after the said beating, I will force someone to read it (probably my mom or brother) and then I will write sequel or write something else because I can.

By the way, what is my story about?

After surviving a mysterious kidnapping as a toddler, Noah is just trying to live an average teenage life, until she develops super powers that not only make her the fastest human on earth, but also make her the target of both the government and a crazed scientist. Will Noah be able to survive her powers and new found enemies? Or will she be just another tragic news story about a nice, shy girl done in by experiments, politics, and other jealous super powered teenagers?

It needs work and suggestions would be a welcomed blessing. Honestly, spent ten minutes attempting to squeeze in a Nike shoe reference somewhere.

Noah is the girl Flash, except she doesn’t where a bright red scuba suit, she adorns a black set of Nike and a bright blue tech shirt that says, Just Do It. In Noah’s case, that means racing by all her adversaries–mad scientists and government black suits.

In conclusion, this is the end to my hiatus. If you noticed, I made some changes to the site. I will never write another rant post about a writing project. Honestly, I needed a break from figuring out how my character is going to beat the bad guy in a very cool manner. From this day forward my posts will be dignified accounts of my non-existent fitness goals, back sliding diet, and angelic teacher happenings.

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