Listen While You Run

In less than a month I plan on running a local half marathon, which may be painful since the last time I ran 13 miles was in October. Current running excursions have only lasted an hour or less. As per usual, my excuses are to be taken seriously.

  1. I haven’t found a long distant running route that isn’t fraught with hills or rocks.
  2. I am back to my pizza inhalation and sweet tooth habits (at least my sugar intakes are organic and gluten free, right?)
  3. My Fit-bit strap broke and I haven’t been able to track my mileage accurately (first world problem at its finest).

I still run. Or jog. Jog is the best descriptive word for the run, walk, hike routine I take at least three times a week. It gives me time to stay semi-fit, think and mostly forget about my ever-present worries. It also has been a great time to listen to podcasts.

Sure, music can be a great companion on a run and taking in the scenery without an earbud in your ear can also be lovely too. Yet, podcasts (in my world anyway) shorten long runs or at least make them more enjoyable. There is also the bonus of expanding your mind!

Ever since I listened to Serial (a breakout hit about a questionable high school murder), I started searching for podcasts that left me enraptured while I went about other daily tasks. Here are a few that I have found consistently interesting. I hope to find more, especially about books, mysteries, football, and even running. If you know a good podcast, please let me know!

Image result for podcast memes

Nerdist Podcast – This is one of my go-to podcasts. Every episode Chris Hardwick sits down with someone from the entertainment/artist industry and has an honest conversation about success, life, work, philosophy. Every topic is up for discussion here. What I really like about this podcast is the informal interviews that explore different people’s views and walks of life. Topics can range from click-bait-news, impactful childhood experiences, sleeping habits, meaning of life, working on movie sets and the existence of an afterlife to funny/bizarre experiences. With that said, some episodes can get a bit graphic, language and content wise, depending on the episode. Headphones or skipping an episode entirely is a safe bet around sensitive ears (others or your own). Favorite episodes (so far): Dakota Fanning on childhood acting; J.J. Abrams because he’s cool; Tom Cruise on his energy for acting

Lore – This is a podcast I make sure to listen to when it’s broad daylight and their people around. It’s not exactly a horror podcast, but it does explore creepy myths, mysteries, and phenomenon’s (that may or not be true).

Favorite Episodes: They are all weird. I can’t name one.

The Writer’s Panel – My current obsession while working on my extended fictional project. If you are a writer, I would highly recommend this podcast. The guy behind this show interviews writers of TV shows, movies, films, and books. The writers, not only provide, interesting stories behind their projects, but they also discuss what it takes to be a writer and some of the tools that helped them.

Favorite Episodes: creator of Blacklist, Sweet/Vicious (didn’t even know about the show until the podcast), Patrick Ness (author of A Monster Calls); creator of the Handmaid’s Tale

Relevant Podcast – The only podcast I know that holds a Christian world view, but still keeps it relevant (hence the name) and hip for the 20s and 30s crowd. The show hooks you in by starting with hilarious anecdotes, a brief take on new music, current trends, and events. Then it takes a more serious turn with interviews that delve into faith and the Christian worldview in the fields of politics, entertainment, theology, and business. What I really like about this show is that it challenges me to ask questions, think about my thinking, and informs me of tools and issues that I wasn’t aware of in the past. The best part about Relevant Podcast is that it is branching out this year. This month they are featuring two new mini-series podcasts from Relevant Podcast guests! You can bet that I will be listening!

Favorite Episodes: too many to count; the latest episode featured Christian comedian John Crist and they interviewed an actress from Dear White People

Reality TV podcasts – It’s a guilty pleasure of mine. I only watch two reality TV shows at the moment-Amazing Race and Dancing with the Stars. You can take a guess at the podcasts I listen to. I am not sure why I listen, except for the fact that I hope that I get some behind-the-scene gossip and explanations for episode content. If you’re a reality TV guru, I highly recommend for pure listening pleasure.

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