Day 1: Friday Nights at Barnes & Noble

I suppose most single adults’ definitions of a fun Friday night out is a trip to the ritzy, downtown bar or attendance at the hottest restaurant with 8-10 friends. I admit it does sound like fun except for me when my brain has been reduced to scramble eggs by work  and my small talk skills have been zapped to zero.

Image result for introverts memeThe only thing I’m good for is awkwardly strung together sentences and clutching my phone like a life line while checking the time and figuring out a good excuse to leave (I have to run 12 miles tomorrow morning is always a good excuse).

Check back with me on Saturday when my social batteries are recharged or I’m always good for earlier day times (before 7) or the company of 1-3 people. Almost any other situation has neon exit signs flashing in my brain.

I digress. This Friday night was a good one. I waltzed into Barnes & Noble and gave the books a little attention. Honestly, I wonder what the employees think of me as I’m snapping pictures of the book covers with my phone. I’ve never seen anyone else take on my tactic (Let me know if you have.) I wonder if I make the suspicious person’s list and that’s why I get the “May I help you with something?” at least once in a Barnes & Noble visit.

After taking pictures of potential books I’ll read, I’ll choose 3-6 of them to scan or read the first few pages. I plop the books on a table. Side eye the cookies behind the glass (I don’t want to draw the attention of the barista because food decisions need focus and careful deliberation) and give into the temptation or walk away. Last Friday night I walked away and surveyed my selection. Two drew me in immediately. Dread Nation about an African American girl fighting zombies during the Civil War. Um, yes please. And then Devils Unto Dust, a book about a teenage girl protecting her family from zombies in the Wild West. The book reminded me of the movie Winter Bones–a find your father or your siblings are doomed story.

With my interest piqued, it was time to leave. I may have put the books back where they belong and headed out for a night of reading on my Kindle. E-books are cheaper (Sorry, I know a physical book is more of a visual wonder, but e-books are always cheaper.)

P.S- So . . .I’m back. I’ve been working on a novel or two, but my neglect is no excuse. After attending a writing workshop, I’ve decided TODAY I will commit to a 125 days of blogging until next May. Almost 2 1/2 blogs a week. Just used my phone calculator. So yeah, prepare to be bombarded with running, food, thoughts, angst, my obsession with shoes and all things movies and books.


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