Day 15: Stuck in Writing Quicksand (confessions from a novice writer😵)

Great first week back in school!

Unfortunately, in regards to reading books, writing, and working out, I didn’t do much of said activities. I trail ran twice, but the runs were rough. Most of my time was spent struggling to jog up the hilly portions of the trail, conceding defeat and walking. At least, I ran the downhill portions!

I started my weekend sick and spent half the morning wondering if I was tired or legitimately sick (usually I’m up at 9 ready to conquer the world!) I decided a trip to the dollar store for cold medicine would determine how capable I was to be out. Ultimately, after not being able to comprehend the cashier after she repeated a question (She was asking for my birthday) more than three times, I concluded that I would be safer at home than trying to sluggishly think through anything beyond cleaning and watching Netflix.

Thankfully, the meds and rest overpowered most of the virus symptoms and Saturday was a routine day of Crossfit and chores. As for writing?

I’m not sure what’s happening! I’ve finished writing the first draft of my second manuscript and I am “supposed” to be in the middle of revisions. If thinking counts as part of the process of writing, I am making progress. However, I doubt it. There’s some character issues and plot issues that need to be reworked. I need to research astral projection and gene modification.

Unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me be organized and motivated enough to complete the lists I know I need to finish to move onto the next step (beta readers and edits) Yes, I’ve saturated YouTube, podcast and book knowledge on the revision problem. Nevertheless, all I have is a cute picture of one of major character with possible motivations for his actions in a Word document.

Picture of character. At the moment, he is the protagonist’s brother.

Today as I was driving I used my phone’s audio text to rehash my beginning and work through the  weak character. Here were some of my solutions:

  •   Came to the conclusion I need to look up classic reactions/grief to a parent’s death (I could just look up Disney movies)
  • Write out this character’s viewpoint (1st or 3rd).
  • Kill the viewpoint of another character, but then how would I explain. . . .

I am stuck in the “kill or not to kill” loop. Someone suggested placing the sections of the story I “kill” into another saved document, which I will do today. Yes, I am killing 15% of the story, but I believe the reason I haven’t revised much is because I need to rewrite a good portion of the manuscript AND the 15% is holding me back. A part of me wants to scrap the whole manuscript and move on to my other idea or take a break from writing. There’s plenty of great stories out there. Published.

Not sure what stage I am in. All of them?!

If only I had foresight or maybe deadlines. Deadlines with consequences on the line have always motivated me. Hmm. . . another thing to work on. Intrinsic motivation. Can you even work on that?

And speaking of deadlines? Another activity on my radar is master classes starting next week! I am so excited to be back in school studying library science!

Low key, I was one of those undergrad college students who loved writing papers. In most of my lit classes, I chose to forgo the recommended topics for the research paper and created my own topic. 😅Of course, I may change my mind about papers with a full-time job and other personal things going on! Will I survive?

To be continued. . .